I know 2014 is underway and I’m a few days late but I’ve been off the grid for the last week and am just now catching my breath. I could write enough to bore the most interested person on all the craziness I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of this year. Frankly I’m too lazy to even attempt to give justice in words to the life changing revelations, lessons, and experiences of the year. I’ll leave that for cocktail parties of the future. Instead, I’ll leave you with my contribution to this year’s family Christmas letter, a tradition that probably makes my sisters and I seem like old ladies but I fully believe Christmas letters should be embraced by the younger generations. We went a little non-traditional this year but sometimes its best to be short and sweet.

Celebrated the independence of her Ecuadorian hometown by marching in a parade, complete with sword and captain uniform in November


Attended Andrea’s graduation from Texas A&M in May


Ticked Machu Picchu off her bucket list with her best friend from college in July


Helped her English teachers apply for a grant for an audiovisual room at their Ecuadorian high school in March


Enjoyed the views from the snow cap of a local volcano in June1003099_4743702080780_1894470168_n

Refined her guinea pig eating skills


Invented numerous unintelligible “Spanish” words485586_4676111711063_920295471_n

Never realized how much of a Midwesterner she was at heart


Excitedly awaits 2014 and the end of her Peace Corps service


May your 2014 be full of life changing revelations, lessons, and experiences!