The guanábana is one of my favorite fruits in Ecuador, mostly because it’s so much fun to say. It is very delicate, so be careful not to smoosh it with your other market purchases. Guanábanas are from the same family as the chirimoya and grow in clumps of 2 or 3 on large trees.

Appearance: Large (about the size of a papaya), with a dark green bumpy skin similar to a chirimoya. Inside is a soft white fruit with large black seeds.

Taste: Not quite as sweet and creamy as a chirimoya although the fruit has a soft and light taste.

Cost: Guanábanas are some of the most expensive fruit at the markets. Depending on the size, they range from $4-$8 for a single fruit. (Point of reference: a basic lunch in a my town is $1.50)

Preparation: Cut the fruit in half, scoop it out from the skin and remove the seeds. Guanábana is best made into juice (be sure to strain it before pouring it from the blender into your cup) or as ice cream.

If you’re willing to splurge on this unique, tasty fruit at the markets throughout Central and South America, you won’t be disappointed!


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