Another Thursday in Saquisilí, another market day. This week I bring you the granadilla. According to Wikipedia, it is native to the Andes Mountains of South America and grows as far south as Argentina and north to Mexico. I first saw it in Tumbaco during training but didn’t buy one and try it until a few months ago. I remember thinking it looked like an alien fruit at first sight.

Appearance: Granadillas range in size from that of a lemon to a large orange, they’re usually light orange in color and with a round shape and a long stem. They have a hard outer shell, similar to an egg, with a soft spongy layer to protect the fruit inside. Once you crack one open, there are what appear to be hundreds of black seeds (they look similar to small sunflower seeds) covered with a clear slimy fruit.

Taste: The clear slimy fruit as well as the seeds are what is eaten. It has a soft, sweet, juicy taste and the seeds give it a bit of a crunch.

Cost: 3-4 granadillas/$1

Highly recommended for an easy, non-messy, cheap snack if you ever find yourself in a market town in the Andes.