One of the best things about where I live is the fabulous weekly market. Every Wednesday and Thursday, the market spills out from the 8 plazas onto the streets and sidewalks. You can find anything from llamas to fresh fruit juice to used clothes to shampoo to meat to pots and pans. Everything necessary in life can be found in Saquisilí on market day.

A new goal of mine is to stop shopping at the supermarket in the next town over. Doing this requires getting over the overwhelming-ness of the market. So in an effort to force myself to get over it, I’m bring you a weekly dose of the sites, smells, and sounds of the craziness that is Saquisilí’s market.

First up…the chirimoya

I first tried this in Tumbaco with my host family during training. I had never seen or heard of a chirimoya before and they thought it was hilarious when I asked them how to eat it. According to wikipedia (don’t judge), chirimoya comes from a Quechua word that means “cold seeds.” Some of you might know it as a custard apple. It grows in the Andes regions of Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia among other high-altitude tropical climates in the world.

Appearance: green on the outside with white fruit and black seeds inside, the texture is similar to an avocado

Taste: vanilla, melon-y

Cost: $2 which means I either got majorly gringa-priced or its much more expensive than I thought…forgot to ask my host mom how much it should cost

Sidenote: when I asked the lady how much it was, she said $2 but there are no worms in it…maybe I paid extra to ensure my chirimoya was worm-free?

Its not my favorite fruit but one of the more interesting things I’ve found at the market.