Like any obsessive future PCV, I’ve spent all my idle time the last year scouring packing lists as I’ve waited for months at a time to hear news from the big guys in D.C. I copied/pasted this from one of my 5 Excel spreadsheets I currently have going (I repeat, obsessive). It seems overly extensive now that its listed here and it probably is. In reality, I could probably go with a small backpack and figure out the rest when I get there but for better or worse, I’ve had a year to ponder. I’m posting this in hopes of mutual assistance (i.e. you tell me I’m crazy for packing all this crap and/or it helps a future PCV decide what to pack within 107″/100 lbs. for 2 years). Maybe I’ll just wait 10 days when I’m carrying all this through the airport and tell myself I’m crazy.

*All the clothes packed in travel space bag things from Target

*All the little stuff in ziploc storage containers and labeled

Carry-ons (Backpack & Purse)

– Laptop/Charger

– iPod/Cord/Headphones

– External HD/Cord

– Alarm Clock

– Camera/Cord/Wall Charger

– Hair Straightener

– Clothes for 3/4 days (Business Casual)

– Toothbrush/Toothy Tabs (these are fantastic!)

Liggett’s Shampoo Bar (light, compact, & no plastic bottle!)

– Facial Cleansing Bar

– Bar Soap

– Hair Comb

– Makeup

– Fleece Jacket

– Sunglasses

– Spiral Notebook/Pens

– Gum

– Accordian File with ridiculous amount of Peace Corps paperwork//files

– Wristlet/$$/Credit Card

Rolling Duffel

For Training/First 3 Months


– USB Drives (2)

– Extra Headphones

– Rechargeable AA Batteries

– 3 to 2 Prong Plug Converters (yay for Ecuador using the same plugs as the U.S.)

– Surge Protector

– Headlamp/Extra Batteries (I kinda can’t believe I own a headlamp now)


– Extra Toiletries (Toothy Tabs/Shampoo, etc.)

Diva Cup/Glad Rags (both aMAZing products that every woman should consider using + they offer a sweet PC discount)

– Tweezers/Q-Tips

– Bobby Pins/Hair Ties

– Nail Polish/Remover/Clippers/Buffer

– Razor/Blades

Hand Sanitizer/Chapstic

– Deoderant

– Sunscreen

Microfiber Towel/Washcloth

– Facial Moisturizer

– Travel Bottles


– Slipper Socks/Wool Socks?/Socks (as many as I can fit)

– Underwear/Bras/Sports Bras (ditto)

– Dresses (2 casual + 1 “fanciful” for swear-in)

– Short-Sleeve Tops (10…maybe too many? can be business casual/for going out. I’m trying to be super-über versatile w/the clothing)

– Long-Sleeve Tops (still need to figure this out…I currently have none)

– T-Shirts (2-3 for sleeping/dirt)

– White Button Down/Blazer?

– Camis/Tank Tops (a lot)

– Knee-Length Nylon Shorts (for swimming)

– Long Shorts (2)

– Knee-Length Skirts (4)/Long Skirt

– Jeans (2)

– Black Pants

– Rain Jacket (still need to figure this out)

– Bathing Suit

– Cardigans (3)

– Hoodie

– Fleece Leggings (freakin’ awesome!)/Cotton Leggings/Tights

– Gloves/Scarf?


– Black Flats

– Chacos

– Hiking Shoes

– Flip Flop Sandal-y things

– Heels?

– Tennis Shoes


– Bandana

– Clothespins

– Eiffel Tower Key Ring 🙂

– Ear Plugs

– Reusable Nylon Bags

– Baseball Cap (¡Vamos Tigres!)

– Nalgene Bottle

– Sewing Kit

– 2 Full Flat Sheets/Iberia Air Blanket (seriously the BEST airline blanket EVER and the equivalent of my 2 year-old self’s “blankie”)

– Multi-Tool (I got a cheap one and may regret it)

– Lint Roller/Wrinkle Releaser

– Earrings (I found a thing of like 20 studs at H&M)/Necklaces

– Purse that goes over the shoulder

Teaching Supplies

– Journal

– Scotch Tape/Duct Tape/Glue Stick/Paper Clips

– Envelopes

– Pens/Sharpies

– Scissors

– Post its/Index Cards

– Desk Calendar (Shutterfly thing made by Bridget and is awesome!)

– Span/Eng Dictionary?

– South America Guidebook/ESL Book/The Don’t Sweat Guide For Teachers (thanks Colleeny :))

– Granola Bars/Gum


– Silly Bands/Erasers

– Chicago Soap/Mizzou Calendar (fo free from the Alumni Center…sweet!)

– Bananagrams

– Playing Cards

– Jump Rope

Hiking Backpack

In Storage Until April

– Extra Towel/Washcloths

– Extra Sports Bras

– Black Flats

– Random Extras (Ear Plugs, Clothespins, Nylon Bags)

– U.S. Map

– Laundry Bag (perhaps unnecessary but its light)

– Nylon Duffel (folds up, super compact, and I always come back with WAY more than I brought)

– Magnetic Photo Strips/Photos (need to figure these out)

– Fishing Line (had this lying around, maybe completely unnecessary)

– Extra Supplies (Markers, Colored Pencils, Envelopes)

– Spice Packets/Crystal Lite

– Clothing that won’t fit in the Duffel

– Yoga Mat? (for sleeping in random places, I don’t do yoga but maybe I’ll start. I’m not bringing a sleeping bag so maybe this’ll do?)

Problem: I think my bags are too big, meaning combined they’re more than 107″ (l+w+h). I need to actually for real pack to figure this out and if they are, I’ll have to pull out plan B which is currently non-existent.

Problem 2: HOW DO YOU PUT MOVIES ON AN EXTERNAL HD & THEN PLAY THEM? I still haven’t figured this out! Ahhh!

Also, I’m taking Lady Sunshine with.