My life has been fairly void of travel for the last few months and its making me antsy. I realized I haven’t really left the state of Missouri since Thanksgiving. This is partly my fault and partly circumstantial, however it is unsettling for a girl who prefers to always have a weekend bag packed. I guess it proves just how easily one can fall back into the daily routines. It terrifies me. I’m just itching for a new adventure and hoping it comes sooner rather than later.

So what might this new adventure be you ask? Most of you know the answer but here’s a sampling of extended family/friend conversations I had over the holidays.

Inquisitor: “So Catherine, what are your plans for after graduation?”

Me: “Well I’m in the middle of applying to the Peace Corps, I’ve been nominated for the South Pacific to teach English, hopefully leaving in early October.”

Inquisitor: “Wow, so you’ve been accepted then?”

Me: “Well not exactly, I’m working on the medical packet. It could be months before they clear me, and then I may not know if I’m officially accepted for another few months.”

Inquisitor: “That’s sounds ridiculous!”

Me: “It is.”

By this point, the Inquisitor is either really interested or thinks I’m a total lunatic. I try to gauge this and then continue as appropriate with the conversation.

Honestly the South Pacific would never have been my first choice and I’m still not sure that it is. However, I’ve done a fair amount of Peace Corps wiki-ing/legit wiki-ing (which I’m a pro at)/Peace Corps blog-reading by this point. Its given me some good insight and I’m much more excited now than I was initially. All that being said, I could end up in a totally different region if I am accepted, flexibility is the key you see.

I could write forever and ever about why I want to do this but that will have to wait.

For those of you just tuning in, all posts before this documented a month teaching in South Korea and a semester spent studying abroad. Feel free to delve in but be prepared for lots of details and typical American-in-a-foreign-place stories.

For now, here are some photos from our Wando reunion in Portland & Seattle. I know you’ve just been dying to see them ; )

It was Scott’s first time in the U.S.!!!!

We never got a big group shot 😦

One of the craziest nights EVER…involved a random club, lots of dancing, alcohol, fast food, and somehow managing to make it through the streets of Portland in the rain, and back to the hotel.

On the water in Portland

Day Trip to Seattle

Honestly, our reunion deserves an entire post. I still think we were the closest group of any of the staffs who spent one crazy month teaching in South Korea together. We were/are a Wando family 🙂 10 of the 14 Americans came from the west coast & midwest and even 1 Korean ventured from a semester in Vancouver to meet up in Portland. We sampled lots of regional brews, ate delicious food, reminisced, and had a blast. My first trip to the Pac-Northwest was awesome 🙂