Today was lovely for the most part. I woke up later (10:45), went to go eat my breakfast and could NOT figure out how to open the jelly jar. I also haven’t figure out if my fam has a toaster or not, I don’t want to ask though. So all I had for breakfast was bread and better and cafe con leche of course. Went to go take a shower and could NOT get any hot water. I hate cold showers but I was super quick which is good. I worked on my presentation for class a bit, and then spent way too long trying to figure out what shoes to wear. I have no clean socks and I think my señora does laundry on Mondays. I didn’t want to wear tennis shoes or boots with no socks so I decided on my flats. Bad choice. I was about 5 minutes into my 40 minute walk to class when my feet started to hurt. By the time I got to class, my heels were bleeding…no bueno.

Class today was a little stressful. We had to talk in front of the class for 5-10 minutes about whether we thought the Spanish media was sexist or not and compare it to the U.S. We could work in pairs which was nice but we all ended up saying pretty much the same thing. Basically we all came to the consensus that advertising in each country is pretty much the same and generally reinforces the stereotypical gender roles. I did bring up the point that in general, European countries are more open about controversial topics than in the U.S. and therefore, there is less censorship in Europe. I like that aspect of Europe better, I think we need to be more open and accepting of certain things in the U.S.
Ughh I wish I had a bigger Spanish vocabulary. We talk about so many things in my class that I would love to discuss but I feel like I can’t say what I’m thinking in Spanish. We were talking about the education system today again which is something that I find very interesting. We of course got on the subject of language education which is something that I’m also passionate about. I could have some serious conversations about the topic in English but not in Spanish. : /
I’ve been talking with a few friends lately about what a weird feeling it is to be a foreigner in a different country. At school in the U.S., I try to make an effort every semester to interact in some way with foreign students who come to study by being a language partner or something like that. Usually I’m the one who’s helping someone else learn words or customs or how to do certain things. It’s an interesting feeling being on the other side. I feel like I was already pretty sensitive to what people from other countries go through when they go to a different country but now I have a better idea of how they feel. I wish everyone could experience that feeling because I think it would create a lot more tolerance and understanding. I’m very lucky to be able to take language classes everyday and really learn. A lot of people who come to the U.S. don’t have that luxury and are faced with limited options. I guess the best I can do is tell people what I’ve learned and hope they get something out of it too.
On a lighter note, I pretty much love my new family. They’re way more laid back than Rosario was. I can eat with my hands if I want and I don’t have to constantly try to remember Spanish table manners (they’re slightly different). Plus the girls are around my age so I feel like I can be myself more. I also feel like the speaking is getting easier and I’m not as self-conscious around them. I love the boy, Miguel, he’s 12 and I hope we get to be good buds by the end of the semester. Last night, I was reading an article in my room and he came in and sat on my bed next to me. When I’m reading and don’t know a word, I underline it. He saw what I was doing and tried to explain the words I didn’t know to me. He’s a pretty cool kid.
Tonight after dinner we started watching Gran Hermano (Big Brother). That show is hella complicated and dramatic, I’m not sure I could understand it in English. Everyone is intertwined in some way with drama. Rocio, the oldest daughter was trying to explain it all to me. Ay de mi!
The only thing I don’t like is that I have to make my bed everyday. I didn’t make it yesterday and Concepción, my Spanish madre, came in after I left and made it. She works in a hotel so I think she’s expects it. I felt really bad so now I’ll make it everyday. It really isn’t that much to ask of me, it’ll be a good habit to get into.
I hear rain outside and I have no rainboots here. I need to learn the bus system.
¡Buenas noches!