Another week full of walking, meeting people, working on my Spanish, and seeing crazy things.
We started the Intensive Grammar class which I would enjoy more if it weren’t everyday for 3 hours but it IS intensive I suppose. I feel like such a nerd but I really do like learning grammar. Its definitely a challenge to try to cram so much in my head and I wish I had more time to process it. I’ve also learned a lot that I’ve never been taught in 6 years of Spanish classes. Our teacher was talking about teaching language in school and the differences between Europe and the U.S. Maybe my new life goal will be to improve language education in elementary schools in the U.S. Maybe that’s too ambitious.
The major part of my week was spent stressing over whether or not to move. Initially I thought I could handle anything and I never thought I would be the person to move. I absolutely loved everything about Rosario, her house, her cooking…everything. The two things I didn’t like were that there was no internet cafe nearby and that everyone that I seem to have met here so far lives about a 45 minute walk away. Since I’m only here for 4ish months, I figured I should change what I don’t like early on instead of waiting. So then the hard part….once I decided to move I had to go to the CIEE office and try to explain to them my situation and that I had a valid reason for moving. They were a little tough on me, which did not make trying to explain myself in Spanish any easier. Basically I said I couldn’t ever talk to my family because when I had time, it was at 10 or 11 at night and I didn’t really know anyone closeby who I could walk with that late. They did give me 2 houses to go look at. Basically if you want to move, they set up a time for you to go visit, but the rest is on your own…meaning going to look at the places and meeting the families and the actual moving part. I went in Friday morning after pretty much stressing all night about what to do and told them what I wanted to do. Then the hardest part of all, I had to tell Rosario. Seriously, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do…just because she’s been so great to me. I went home for lunch and spent about 30 minutes looking up words in my little dictionary and trying to figure how to explain everything to her. I told her over lunch which ended in her being totally surprised and me crying in my room for about 10 minutes. All I could think to say was its not you, it was a really hard decision, I’m really sorry, and that I couldn’t explain it very well in Spanish. Language barriers SUCK sometimes.
Overall I’m pretty satisfied with my decision. I feel like I really did everything I could and tried to make it work. My new family is pretty awesome. I have internet and they have a dogggg! It’s such a different environment, there’s an 18yr old girl, 14yr old girl, and a 12yr old boy. Dinner tonight was great, I feel like I’ll speak a lot more Spanish. Rosario was awesome but I think she was used to doing most of the talking. Tonight I felt like I was a lot more involved in the conversation, they were trying to explain the American shows that they watch here. They didn’t know the names for some of them in English so they were trying to explain what they were about. Some good ones…Perdidas (Lost, its huge here), CSI (which sounds like saysi when you say it in Spanish), and Amigos (Friends). And they watch this show called El Hormiguero which the German, Rosario, and I would watch at dinner every night so I’m happy. It’s weird that I’ve only been here about 2 weeks and there are already things that I feel like I’ll miss when I leave.
Other things from this weekend…
Saturday we went to Córdoba which was pretty amazing. The town has a great mix of Jewish, Muslim, and Christian cultures. We of course saw The Mezquita, as well as an old synagogue, the Alcázar, and the patios which Córdoba is famous for. Seeing The Mezquita was worth the whole trip. It was originally a mosque constructed by the Moors, after the Christians reconquered Spain, the Catholics added their own structures inside it. Both the architectural styles are so distinct, its interesting to see them overlap. I think I remember the guide saying there are over 1,000 pillars inside…and one of the doors outside is probably one of my new favorite things that I’ve seen on earth.
Mosque, Córdoba

Puerta del Sabat?, The Mezquita
I’m pretty much in love with this door…

The Mezquita
outside The Alcázar, Córdoba
I want to take an orange tree as a souvenir back to the States 🙂

Sunday I went to the Museo de Bellas Artes (Fine Arts Museum) in Sevilla with a couple of friends. Everything was religious art with some random pictures of Sevilla here and there and an even more random one of the Grand Canyon.
-Got lost by the Andalusian Parliament building for the 3rd time
-Shared a bottle of wine with some friends under a bridge
-Got yelled at (among other things) by random 17yr old Spanish boys who thought we were French
-Saw an old lady laying in the street, she stopped traffic for a good hour outside the CIEE center
-Saw 2 borrachos (drunk men) trying to cross 5 lanes of moving traffic in the middle of the day holding a 40oz. of CruzCampo
-Saw a random homeless man walking down the street with his pants around his ankles and everyone staring
-2 guys giving each other besos in a plaza