So much has been going on. I don’t have internet in my house, so it’s hard to keep up with everything.
I moved in with my Señora a few days ago. I love her! She’s probably in her 60s but she acts like she’s my age. It was a little overwhelming at first because she speaks no English but I can understand her for the most part. My room is great, I have a ton of space for my things and a nice window. Her apartment in general is really nice and I feel really comfortable there. It’s about a 30 minute walk to the University and 20 minutes to the CIEE center. I’ll post pictures of my room after I take some. She has this German lady living with her too, I haven’t figured out exactly what she does but we’ve had a few short conversations. She speaks really clearly to me which is nice, I can understand everything she says.
We went out for night 2 of tapas. We ate on this plaza with a church in the background. Ahh it was so great. The sangría (tinto) is awesome!! We stayed and talked for a few hours and then I headed home. I totally rang the doorbell when I got back instead of turning on the lights. My bad…she was sweet though and said she’d been waiting for me but couldn’t call because I didn’t have a mobile.
We went to Itálica the next morning (Friday). It was about a 20 minute drive from the University. I couldn’t understand everything because the tour was all in Spanish but I got the gist of it. Its an old Roman city that’s a couple thousand years old. There were mosaics and statues everywhere. It was pretty but trying to keep up with the Spanish got a little exhausting.

I finally got a mobile on my way home which was a bit intimidating. Its not that doing stuff is hard, its just the language thing. I hate not understanding everything…still trying to get used to it. I forgot to ask where the number was so when I got home it took Rosario (my Señora) and I like 20 minutes to figure it out. I later found out is was right in front of me on the box.
Saturday it was pouring, I really wish I had brought my rain boots. My boots are still wet from walking around. We had our first little session for registration. Another thing that was easy but the language thing made it confusing. I got placed in an intensive writing class for the first 2 weeks and Intensive Advanced Grammar for the regular session. They recommended that I take different classes than the ones I got approved before at Mizzou. Everything should transfer ok though…I need to turn in my schedule.
Andrea and I went out Saturday night in Triana, met a few Spaniards, found some cool places, drank tinto…it was a great night.
Sunday I finally met Elena, Rosario’s daughter and her boyfriend. I keep forgetting to do besos when I meet people! It makes for a slightly awkward introduction. I did remember a la izquierda (to the left) a la derecha (to the right) so it wasn’t that bad. I went for a long walk after breakfast around my neighborhood and the city. I love walking here! I found some really cool stuff and it was fun to just people watch. Its still so weird to just walk around like I live here.
I spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies and TV shows dubbed in Spanish. I didn’t speak hardly any English at all yesterday…it was weird to think about. Watching TV helps me learn though, I’ve been using the dictionary to look things up constantly. Last night we watched this show called “Fama ¡a bailar!” its sort of a version of Dancing With the Stars. I asked Rosario if she liked to dance flamenco and she was like “Of course! I love it, I’m a sevillana.” She showed me her moves and I had to laugh, she’s cute.
Its totally exhausting to constantly have to concentrate to understand stuff. I’m picking up stuff slowly though.