Life is crazy is all I can say. Its been really busy the last two days. We started orientation Monday night. There are about 200 people in my program which is a lot of Americans. They split us up into smaller groups of around 10 with 1 guía (guide). The guides are all Spanish students who live in Sevilla. Pepe was my guide and didn’t speak hardly any English. Its a crazy feeling when you can actually talk to someone who doesn’t speak your native language and they understand you. There’ll be more of that though…hopefully.

Monday night we just met for a small presentation and dinner. It’s polite in Spain to eat with your left hand so thankfully I’m left-handed. It was hard for all of us to speak at dinner. None of us knew each other before so we had that on top of trying to speak Spanish.
Tuesday (yesterday) was a long day. I woke up too late for breakfast but made it down to meet my group for our little walking tour. I wish I had a personal Spanish guide for the whole semester. It was great! Even better that I felt like I understood about 90% of what he was saying. We walked to the Universidad de Sevilla and had a few hours of presentations. The university is all open with a big courtyard in the middle. Had lunch back at the hotel and then had a bit of time to rest. Scavenger hunt was later, we were in groups of 10 or so and had a map and 30 places to find. My group only found like 5 but we won. People on the street were so helpful, this one man walked with us for about 20 minutes looking for one spot until he found it. Every time I thought I knew where I was, I got lost. The streets all look like alleys to me and the street signs are on the sides of the building so sometimes you have to really look for them. Later we went to a flamenco dance, it was really pretty but I couldn’t understand the singer. First flamenco dance though so I guess that’s something special. Our guides took us for tapas after and I tried so much random stuff…no idea what some of it was though. The cured ham was my favorite. We went out after tapas with some of the group and Pepe, had agua de fuego for the first time. Very good!
Got about 4 hours of sleep last night and have to meet my host family in about an hour. I have a señora with a daughter who’s a bit older than me. I’m a bit nervous but my Spanish will improve mucho…I hope.
Pepe said I spoke well, maybe he was just being nice. I feel like I need to speak more though, workin’ on it.