¡Ay dios mio! I’m finally in Sevilla after what seems like an eternity of planes, trains, and automobiles and broken Spanish conversations along the way. I have an appreciation for Europeans and their multi-lingual-ness.

Highlights: (please excuse the random periods and sentence fragments)

Left Boston about 8 Friday night, had a horrible cough for the first hour of the trip which led the Belgian man next to me to offer cognac and tea, by hour 7 I had seen parts of 500 Days of Summer, Up, and Harry Potter in between randomly dozing off.
Arrived in Munich about 9:30 Saturday morning, bought a day pass for the metro and ventured out into Neufahrn, a town between the airport and downtown. It was BEAUTIFUL, very snowy and cold but cozy and quaint. Walked around/hopped on and off the train at various points for a few hours then boarded for Madrid.
Arrived in Madrid about 6 Saturday night feeling totally jet lagged and sick, took a long cab ride to my hostel, and then proceeded to lug my huge suitcase up three flights of stairs. Introduced myself to the Swiss girls in my room, ventured out to find some overpriced shampoo (I know where not to go now), got lost for about an hour on one street trying to find my hostel again, was way to0 tired to venture too far in the city, took a LONG shower and then attempted to sleep to no avail.
This morning (Sunday), woke up about 8:30, packed my things quietly and took another cab to the bus station. A little overwhelming, had about 5 minutes to get my ticket and find the right platform, so thankful I feel like I know enough Spanish to get by. Took a 6 hour bus ride through the countryside and mountains, some of it pretty, some not so much. The roads were really bumpy and I couldn’t get comfortable so I slept on and off. Got to my hostel in Sevilla, it feels much better than the night before. Took a shower, grabbed a map and went walking around.
It is a lovely city full of the typical plazas and orange trees lining the sidewalks. Everyone seems like they enjoy it all so much, they walk slowly, taking their time and chatting away. Best moment was the man playing Canon in D on his violin outside the Cathedral downtown as people strolled by and stopped to listen, you could hear it for blocks around…soooo cool, it was hard to believe I was actually sitting there
The madness starts tomorrow, hoping for a good night’s sleep tonight…finally 🙂