The last week or so has been great. New England is lovely, especially in the winter. It was a little cold to get out and walk around much in Boston but we managed to see a lot of things. The North End was my favorite neighborhood in Boston, very quaint. It has traditionally been the Italian section so the streets are lined with restaurants and markets. We ended up renting a car and drove to Plymouth and Cape Cod…definitely places to revisit during the summer. Cape Cod was lovely though, even though everything was covered in snow. I definitely need to plan a summer trip to the northeast at some point.

So today’s the last day in the states. I haven’t really thought much about it but I’m sure once I get to the airport, I’ll start getting a little nervous. I’m not nervous about being away from home, just trying to manage my luggage the next few days and make sure I make it everywhere I need to be. I packed everything into one suitcase and one carry on but that’s still a lot for one person to lug through a city. The plan now is to take advantage of the six hour layover in Munich and get out into the city for a bit. Hopefully with no delays, I can pull that off. I’ll stay the night in Madrid tomorrow night, then hop a bus south to Sevilla on Sunday and spend the night there before I head to the hotel for orientation. So here we go! ¡Vamos!