The last few weeks have been a blur of traveling and trying to see as many people as possible.
I went to St Louis for the weekend right after school got out. Holiday parties and exploring St Louis were great. It was fun to hang out with the roommates one last time before I head off. I also went to Kansas City to get some shopping done at the Plaza and see some more friends.
The holidays were full of new traditions and adjusting to life without the old ones. Bridget, Andrea, and I spent a lot of time baking cookies, wrapping gifts, and driving back and forth to the relatives. It was a white Christmas, the only one I remember having…EVER! I finally got my room in Columbia packed up and realized I have way too much stuff. On the way from Columbia to Tulsa, my car finally bit the dust. Andrea, Lady, and I were stranded in Joplin, MO for about 4 hours waiting for Bridget to come back and get us. The tow man didn’t give us time to get stuff out of the car so we had one coat, a scarf, and a pair of gloves between the two of us. We walked probably a mile in total on the snowy sidewalks trying to find a place we could take Lady before we settled just inside a Target. So typical of our road trips. Guess I’m looking for a car next summer. Bridget finally picked us up and we stayed in Stillwater for the night before heading back home.
Snow on the Quad
The Magic Tree, Columbia
Fort Worth feels less and less like home every time I go back, especially now. It was a short, busy week seeing friends, some I hadn’t seen in over a year. I tried to do as much in Fort Worth as I could because I never know when I’ll be back and for how long. I had so much fun going downtown, to the Stockyards, the Modern, and just driving around. Fort Worth will always have a piece of me but I’m not sure I’ll ever end up there to live again.
Main St. in Fort Worth
Then the most epic, ridiculous, beautiful road trip ever. According to Google Maps, Fort Worth –> Boston = 28 hours. We made it in 36 with many stops and snowy weather, dad would be proud. Once we got to the north east, everything was very picturesque. All the towns seemed nestled in the mountains and the snow added that much more to it. Hartford, CT definitely looked cute, would love to spend more time there one day. We finally got to the suburbs of Boston where my uncle and aunt live. We have about 9 days here and lots of places to see.
More updates soon.